• How to simplify your life

    We’re living in a well connected world with a faster change in life in all areas. Everyday, our life is becoming more complex than before. We have increasing expectations at work, in personal life, and in society. In addition to… Continue reading → Read more

  • AWS Cloud practitioner basics

    Introduction: Global Infrastructure and Reliability: Ways to interact with AWS: Networking: Storage and databases: Security: Monitoring & Analytics: Pricing and Support: Migration and Innovation: Cloud Journey: Reference: Read more

  • Finding and doing the work we love

    In this article, we’ll discuss how to find and do the work that is more joyful to us. Why to find the work we love: When we do the work we love, work is more enjoyable. The best work is… Continue reading → Read more

How to make current job more fulfilling One Point Ahead

  1. How to make current job more fulfilling
  2. How to simplify your life