Who should read it: It is for you if you are looking for an overview of this topic for a project, to conduct/appear in an interview, or in general. As we learn more, we will update this article.

Introduction: Bootstrap is a popular front end framework for HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. It’s useful to build responsive, mobile first websites.

Main features: Bootstrap has really made life simple. Let’s look at some cool features of Bootstrap:

  • Mobile first philosophy: It’s built with the design of Mobile first. It helps to design websites for mobile, tablets, and desktops. It reduces extra efforts for the developers.
  • Responsiveness: Bootstrap grid design has four classes: xs for phones (<768px), sm for tablets (≥768px), md for desktops (≥992px), and lg for larger desktops (≥1200px). To achieve responsiveness, Bootstrap scales up to 12 columns according to the size of the device or a viewport.
  • Some great features of Bootstrap:
    • Forms
    • Images and Icons
    • Buttons and related items
    • Navbars
  • Other benefits of Bootstrap:
    • Faster development: Instead of developing elements from scratch, Bootstrap provides built-in elements and JS plugins
    • Less issues.
    • Extensive list of features.
    • Best styling.
    • Built-in templates for beginners.
    • Excellent support with the community of developers.
    • Browser compatibility with major browsers.
    • Easier to learn.
    • Supports fixed and fluid layouts.
    • Column adjustment features:
      • Offset features to adjust column positions.
      • push and pull options to order the column positions.
      • container function to wrap the content.
    • Built-in pagination support
  • Other similar frameworks:  YUI grids, 960 GS and blueprint.

Get started today with the Bootstrap journey.

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