1% break-free life

Are you living a break-free life? Are you living your dreams? Are you doing the things that you want to do? Are you in a job or in a situation you wanted to be in? Are you doing the things that are natural to you? In such a busy life, do you rarely get time to be a human who can pause, relax, and think about life? Or, are you a robot, with a fixed mindset to accomplish some pre-determined goals because not doing so will make you look odd to yourself, your family, friends, and so-called-society? If you are already living the life you always wanted to be, this article is not for you. If you are not, read ahead.

How can you really live a break-free life in that you don’t HAVE to do certain things just because everyone says it is the right way to do so? Let’s look at just three basic steps to live a break-free life:

Step 1: Do you know who you want to be?

  1. Your childhood dreams: what you wanted to be as a child?
  2. Your wishful future image of yourself: do you carry a bag of strong desires with an image of you, being you one day? What does that image look like? Perhaps you have words to describe it. Or, perhaps you do not. Let’s introspect deeper. How would your life be if you were the person who you always wanted to be?
  3. What are things you don’t want to do: Have you noticed any tasks that are energy drainer to you? Have you noticed what makes you think to let the moment just pass somehow? For example, waiting for 5 PM and I am out of this <#adfdkfjdkfj#> place.

Step 2: Do you know what is stopping you?

What is stopping you today, to live the life you want to live? Is it one or all of below:

  1. Fear of rejections by yourself and others around you?
  2. Fear of failure to achieve what you want to achieve?
  3. Fear of losing what you have?
  4. Not confident in your ability to start becoming you?
  5. Not knowing from where to start becoming you?

Step 3: How can you navigate to next steps?

With a great sorrow in your eyes, on your deathbed, do you want to let others know how they can live a break-free life? Or, do you want to look at the sky with open arms and say it loudly to yourself, “yes, I can dare to live the life I imagined?” To be a person you wanted to be, what if we look at a step-by-step journey:

  1. As-is and to-be image: What if you write how you are living now and how you wish to live?
  2. One step at a time: What if you take just one step to live how you want to really live? Not two, just one step. And, it is a lot. It is a big deal to be a more courageous person. It means pushing yourself out of your fear zone. Just one step. What is stopping you to move one step towards the life you always wanted to live? Is it your list of fears from Step 2 ? I do agree it will. As it is just one step challenge of a change, can you dare just for one step? The good news is that you are planning just one step towards becoming you. You can move back anytime. If you have 100% time devoted to your existing life situation, what if you decide to change just 1 % of it to be what you always wanted to be? 1% is roughly 15 minutes a day (to be precise, it is 14.4 minutes a day). That is 105 minutes a week and 7.5 hours a month. For example, if you are interested in writing, what if you write just 15 minutes a day?
  3. What’s next: Review your life after a week and after a month. Did the sky fall as you changed 1% to being you? Did you notice a change in you? Did you enjoy your challenge? If yes, what if you increase it to 2% from next month? And, one day, what if it becomes 100% the way you want your life to be?

As George Reeves said, “you can if you think you can.”

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