How to decide what skills to work on?

In the life, there are situations in that we’re stuck with multiple choices. Sometimes, we’re overwhelmed with many things in hand. For example, I am so much interested in reading many books, all at the same time. Sometimes, I am confused in selecting a topic over other. My one side of the brain would suggest to work on something that will help my career. My another side of the brain would suggest me to pick the item I enjoy the most. How to make the choices in such a situation? Here are some options that I explores so far:

  1. Do nothing. Just do the minimum required things for the day.
  2. Work on items that will add value to the career. Pick items that will make me a better professional. For example, if I am a technical professional, sharpening my skill on that technical skill will help me most in my career.
  3. Work on items that I enjoy the most. These items may not directly add value to my career. For example, I am interested in reading a book about human psychology because I am so much interested in learning about humans.
  4. Find a forced balance to pick a career related and an interest related item at the same time. Divide the week-time accordingly.
  5. After doing the minimum required work, work on the items you enjoy most. Then, slowly, integrate less enjoyable items to it, only if you find it interesting. For example, I can pick a human psychology book. Later, I might find a technical topic interesting, to add to my do list.

Personally, I like option 5. It gives me a freedom to approach things as per the interest. Integrating less enjoyable items to it is the best option for me.

Some may question about finding the interest. I believe selecting the values help in determining the interest. I encourage all of us to decide one to two values for the life, to bring the clarity in life.

Thank you for reading it. If you have any suggestions to me, please share.

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