Event sourcing

Event sourcing is a pattern for storing data as events in an append-only log.

Here are important terms about event sourcing:

Command: A command is an action by a user or a system. Commands are usually stored in FIFO queue.

Event: An event can be defined as a change in state. The result of a command is an event. Event is represented as a past tense. Order of event must follow order of command. So, we store events in FIFO queue. Example of events are: order placed, books purchased, etc.

State: State is a change after an event is completed.

State machine: State machine drives the event process. It validates commands and apply events to update the state.

CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation): It is the segregation of commands and queries for a system. As per CQRS, there is one (single) state machine for the write operations. And, there could be multiple state machines for read-only operations.


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