Application development series

Strengths app part 1

This is a series of articles about developing a simple web application.

Audience: Anyone looking for basic knowledge in building a web application.

Application summary: This is a strength analyzer application. This application allows a user to add his/her strengths. It also supports additional features.

Application use cases:

  1. Maintain a user profile: A user should be able to login to view his/her information.
  2. Maintain strengths of a user: Provide a way to add/view/update/delete a strength of the user. Provide a pagination of the strengths, for a better display. The user should also be able to search strengths.
  3. Maintain a friends list: a user should be able to add other users as his/her friends.
  4. Vote and comment on a strength of the user: Friends of a user should be able to vote a strength of a user. Friends of the user should also be able to comment (post) about user’s strength.
  5. Ability to search: A user should be able to search other users by the name and on a strength.
  6. Other yet to be determined features: to be determined as we progress on the development.

Intended users (actors) of the application:

  1. A user who wants to create his/her profile to publish his/her strengths. A user could be an IT engineer, a product manager, a home maker, a business man, or anyone.
  2. A user who wants to analyze his/her strengths, to find out his/her as-is and to-be goals. For example, consider a user who is looking for a job as a UI developer. He/she is experienced in Javascript, HTML, and CSS. To get a job as a UI developer, he/she analyzes the need of learning react JS.
  3. A user who wants to feel good about his/her strengths, by gaining popularity, support, and visibility within his/her friends list.

As we learn and add more use cases, I’ll update this page. In the next part, we’ll go over implementation details.

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