Strengths app part 2

For the overview of the app, refer to part 1: here. In this part, we will describe the technology stack of this application.

This application is created to users who wants to learn SpringBoot, React JS, and other Java and react JS related technologies. Our approach of selecting the technologies stack is a bottom-up. That means, as we progress further, we will select teh right technology for the right module.

Technology decisions so far:

  • Rest API: We’ll build a REST API for strengths, users, and other functionalities using SpringBoot framework.
  • Web application: We’ll build a web application using react JS framework.
  • Database: We’ll use Amazon RDS based PostgreSQL database.
  • Hosting platform: This application will be deployed on AWS ECS infrastructure.
  • Search functionality: For an effective search functionality, this application will implement Elastic Search.
  • Search data feed integration: Data feed to Elastic search will be done using Amazon SNS service.
  • Cache mechanism: This is yet to be determined.

A high level architecture of the application: We’re yet to come up with a diagram for it.

This is a work in-progress page. We will update it as we make further progress with the application.

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