Strengths app part 4

This article is a part of application development series. We are providing details of creating the strength application. In part 3, we discussed about REST and other backend APIs for the application, In this part, we will discuss user interface details of the web application.

  • User login functionality: We have finalized a basic login page to authenticate a user. If a user is not authenticated and attempts to view the home page of the application, we redirect the user back to the user login page.
  • Home page: Home page provides these details:
    • User information: Name of the logged in user.
    • Number of total votes: Total votes for the user.
    • Strengths details: We show strengths of the user in a tabular form. Each row of the table has these details:
      • Strength title
      • Total votes on the strength
      • Created by
      • Buttons to view strength details, update a strength, and delete a strength

As we add more features to the application, we will update this page. Stay tuned for the updates and new articles on it.

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