Strengths app part 3

In the application development series part 2, we learned the use cases of this application. In this part, we’ll go through high level technical details of Spring Boot APIs and search integration of the application.

Below are REST APIs an search functionality for this application:

  • User API: It is a REST API for a user profile. It will allow to authenticate a user to view determined functionalities of the application. For example, only an authenticated user can vote on the strengths of a friend.
  • Strengths API: This API provides a feature to add, view, update, and delete a strength of a user.
  • Vote API: This API provide a feature to vote on a strength of a user. Only a friend can vote another friend’s strength.
  • Search functionality: To search a strength of a user, we’ve integrated AWS’s open search functionality. It is equivalent to Elastic Search. Strength API is integrated with open search via SNS configuration. When a strength is created, Strength API publishes a message to Elastic Search. In other words, we add a new strength entry into Open Search via SNS messaging which is integrated via Strength’s Add API method.

Later, we have a plan to add more features. We will update this page as we make more progress. Stay tuned.

In the next part, we will discuss the Desktop version User Interface part of the application.

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