Strength app part 6: Terraform script

This is the part 6 of application development series. Refer to part 5 for the previous information. On our strength application, we wanted to enable https certificate. As it is for learning purpose, we wanted to keep it low cost.

For the deployment, we chose to write terraform scripts. Terraform scripts provided the ease to create, edit, and delete the AWS environment. For example, if we want to delete the AWS dev infrastructure, we can do so using terraform scripts. We arranged scripts as below:

  1. A script to create EC2 cluster and an EC2 instance.
  2. A script to associate an elastic IP with the created EC2 instance.
  3. A script to set-up databases. We created one container to create a database, one container to restore database, and another container to take the database backup once a day every day.
  4. A script to set-up Java application. We created one container for Spring Boot application and another container to copy SSL certificates.

As we learn more, we’ll share more.

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