My learnings from the Book, Dare To Lead

Dare to Lead is a great leadership book by Dr. Brené Brown. It is a must read book. My notes below are nowhere even closed to complete. Consider these as draft details to attract you to read the book. The book suggested four main skills:

  1. Rumbling with vulnerability:
    • Vulnerability is a risk, uncertainty, or an emotional exposure. You can’t get to courage without rumbling with vulnerability.
    • Who we are is how we lead. Clear is kind. We have to have hard conversations even when we’re not ready.
    • The antidotes to shame are empathy and self-compassion.
    • Self-awareness and self-love matter.
    • Refer to rumbling skills mentioned in the book. Practice these skills in your day-to-day interactions.
  2. Living into Values: This book suggests picking at most two values to practice. Living our values and providing feedback to others have a key connection.
  3. Braving Trust: The book suggests that trust is built into small moments. It has a BRAVING inventory that is great to know and practice.
  4. Learning to Rise: The book suggests that having skills to get back up is important. Because, as per the book, if we’re brave enough often, we’re going to fall. The book suggests to understand what stories we are making up, when we’re missing the data. First, prepare the draft. Use rumbling process to discover the missing details.

Here is my summary and interpretation of how this book has helped me:

  • This book helped me to learn the skills of self-awareness and self-love. For example, understanding the emotion behind an emotion helped me to dig deeper to understand myself. If I am angry on a situation, is it the anger or something beneath the anger?
  • If we think we’re not enough, we’re not alone in this feeling. This book helped me learn that we all feel that way. This learning has helped me to connect better with other people.
  • I thought that people who are courageous, are fearless. It helped me to learn that courage and vulnerability show up at the same time.
  • Assume every person is doing the best he/she can.
  • It helped me to learn that in the absence of data, we make stories.

Thank you for going through this article. As I learn more, I will share more.

Reference: Book Dare To Lead by Dr. Brené Brown.

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